GameFAQs poll says people are done with Nintendo cuz they are stale.

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LOL @ taking GameFAQs polls seriously.

Remember this Poll of the Day about PS3 ?

talk about ouch.. LMFAO

or the 360?


but the one today is more fact than fiction

more fact that people all ready have wii u, are definitely going to get one and more than likely will get one as opposed to those who are "done with nintendo".

i agree, more fact.
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Gamespot just wrote an article bashing Nintendo. Story had a picture of Mario with disappointed eyebrows.

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Ahhh yes the opinion of "hardcore" gamers means squat in the market.

Only 10% of people who purchase consoles/games are hardcore gamers, the rest are casual gamers, and without the casual gamer, the console market would collapse and there wouldn't be any more consoles.

Lets see, Nintendo could just ignore casual gamers, and go directly at hardcore gamers like Sony does, but then again, that would mean Nintendo wouldn't make a dimes worth of profit off their systems, just like Sony still hasn't turned a profit on the PS3.

yeah, you see, Nintendo has been in the video game business for a very long time and they know what makes a profit and what doesn't (the gamecube might have been the fastest system but it only sold 45 million units)....And how many game consoles have you made???

I think I'll trust Nintendo's vision over yours.
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Jackal posted...
I lost faith in Nintendo years ago. I keep wanting to them to com out of their comfort zone but they just won't. =(

We still have the future to see if this changes.

Yes Nintendo's "comfort" zone.

Nintendo has two choices.

1. Make games that turn a profit or...
2. Make games that people like Jackal like, which means Sony systems, and Sony systems haven't turned a profit since the PS2 days.

judging by how much cash reserves Nintendo has, I think they are making the correct choices.... Gamers like Jackal make up 10% or less of the console market. Marketing to people like Jackal, as Sony has learned with the PS3/Eye/Move/Vita that those games don't produce profits.

Too each their own though. Sony likes hemorrhaging money, Nintendo likes to print it.
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Jackal posted...
I lost faith in Nintendo years ago. I keep wanting to them to com out of their comfort zone but they just won't. =(

We still have the future to see if this changes.

I don't even get this. What is their comfort zone? They're already making SMT x FE, and bringing X, do they need to have some generic gritty first person game for you to enjoy them?
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SychinLegacy posted...
Actually the poll indicates that only about 26% of gamefaqs users who partake in polls think Nintendo is stale. 74% don't.

74 is nearly 3x as much as 26.

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So what this boils down to is this - "No way, I'm done with Nintendo, they keep releasing the same Marios and the same Zeldas all the time! I'm ti- Oooh, Halo 4! Call of Duty whateverthe****we'reon!"

Yeah. If people won't buy a Wii U for that reason alone, they should sell their PS3 and Xbox as well, and not bother with the next Playstation or Xbox. Because I guarantee they'll follow up with the same franchises we've been getting for years.
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if we combine the 2 no options, its like 51% that dont care about nintendo lol
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GameFAQS =/= Everyone and their grandmother
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I'm pretty much done with consoles anyway. I already do 99% of my gaming on PC, so unless the next gen consoles have something I simply HAVE to play that I can't play a superior version of on my gaming rig, I'm over console gaming.