Nintendo pushing Nintendo Direct titles to 2014

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No. Nintendo don't care what Microsoft and Sony are doing. Only Microsoft and Sony care what each other are doing. Nintendo is in their own boat and do their own thing. They are not direct competitors.

Like i said if you think Wii U sucks you think it sucks. Nintendo isn't going to change your mind. But there are plenty of people who will buy it anyway.

ahahahahaha you're funny

I wouldn't say Nintendo 'doesn't care' what the other companies are doing. But what he said about Nintendo not directly competing with them IS true.
Nintendo took that position since the development of Wii...
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Charski posted...
where does it say this? that sucks, i really wanted wind waker in fall like they said.

He's referring to the games that didn't get a release date. Wind Waker is still on track.
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so trolls have gone from

"wiiu has no games"


"those games they showed probably arent coming out this year!"

So desperate they've become.
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U mad cue u don't have SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI HD SON
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Charski posted...
where does it say this? that sucks, i really wanted wind waker in fall like they said.

It doesn't, TC is just making random guesses. Wind Waker HD is still coming this fall until Nintendo says it isn't.
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These are the first we will be hearing of the titles
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Why are people biting?

Oh yeah. I forgot where I was.
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Was about to post some argument but:

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Another troll topic, let's move on.
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TC is a troll, he has no source and the tc is a troll.
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