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If you could go back in time and change the Wii U... (Poll)Megamushroom66667/28 11:58AM
New to the Wii Uheffley1977/28 11:57AM
Listening to people talk about the Wii U at Walmart.
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Poweranimals167/28 11:52AM
Why hasn't there been a Wii Sports U yet?The_Shadow_Link67/28 11:51AM
think of your favorite starfox character other than fox and then look in here
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hydrocrush147/28 11:37AM
Was bored. Then started messing with the Wii U system tranfer (also tired).CubeTV27/28 11:25AM
How do you feel about Nintendo's choice of artstyle for Zelda Wii U?
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DeodorantSpray1907/28 11:25AM
The best main theme of a game.
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temoorashraf277/28 11:24AM
Nintendo and Mother (Earthbound) (Poll)FelixTrapper17/28 11:17AM
Anyone JRPG's Nintendo Fan hoping for JRPG's from Mistawalker like myself?
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donkeyjack177/28 11:11AM
Drawing on the Wii UArt_Buddy57/28 11:02AM
When do you think...Buttles67/28 10:46AM
Guacamelee! and Shovel Knight are the best Indie games ever made
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Weltall548377/28 10:42AM
Mario Kart 8 hangs on in the UK charts.
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Panner137/28 10:20AM
Is July 31st the day the codes will stop working or the last day the codes willBlue_Inigo37/28 10:18AM
Wii U owners: What are ya view on gaming being Art? Do ya think it is or isn't?
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zerooo0217/28 10:11AM
Possible explanation for why many hate the Wii U Pro's button layout
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Nerreltron9000337/28 9:46AM
Would anyone be interested in trading for a Paper Mario code? (Closed)Steelix50037/28 9:34AM
Hardrives that still work after 5.0 updateKingOfAttolia77/28 9:21AM
Does Atlus have any plans for Trauma on the WiiU?
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docman864237/28 9:21AM