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Gamecube adapter cross region compatible?mojack411512/20 5:16AM
The gamecube library is better than the U library.
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secretprimate3012/20 5:08AM
Nintendo already releasing more powerful 3DS so why cant they do it with Wii U?
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Nemerlight2412/20 4:46AM
Whats with the mindset around here? (Closed)RS_YELARAKA612/20 3:41AM
Lucario able to be pre-ordered againPsienceWins312/20 3:34AM
gcn adaptorMushroom87612/20 3:18AM
Who should/will be the third party co-developer of Star Fox? (Poll)
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PedroMontana1612/20 3:01AM
New nintendo consoleColumbine92312/20 1:22AM
Will the new starfox be like 64? And who is making this game?
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i_am_jobvd2112/20 1:14AM
I bet the new mario movie is just a long mario game cut scene.knightimex112/20 1:05AM
I'm assuming most people here hate cars.Drgonbxcross312/20 12:47AM
Wii and Wii U menusGamecube_Gamer612/20 12:32AM
If all I want to do is...Galactus21512/20 12:24AM
My Wii U's internet browser is slower than it used to be.Anyone know a fix?selfdeztruction112/20 12:13AM
Is Captain Toad a fun game if I liked Captain Toad in Super Mario 3D World?
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SolidKnight2312/20 12:02AM
It should be obvious, but Miyamoto confirms Nintendo working on a new Console
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zerooo07312/19 11:58PM
Media Create Week 50 Sales Results (Dec 8 - 14)
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Yoko5012/19 11:50PM
YRI: they announced Soulcalibur 6 for Wii U...
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ssj5goku20051712/19 11:13PM
I don't get it, have captain falcon, pit and luigi been releasedJetsNHL1012/19 10:33PM
Based on the poll, which system do you want to see most from Nintendo next gen?SolomonBenDavid812/19 10:31PM