Tomb Raider doubtful for Wii U

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4 years ago#1
Apparently the Wii U is too unique for it.
4 years ago#2
Lara Croft is a no good promiscuous tramp anyway. Who cares.
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4 years ago#3
I have some respect for the developer for wanting to create unique experiences on the Wii U, but I don't see any reason why they can't do that and also port over Tomb Raider.
4 years ago#4
Oh shucks, i really care. No really.
4 years ago#5
Oh no, not getting another crappy Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider game.

Seriously, I could get that for 360, PS3, or PC. But I'm not because CD has proven that they are s***.
"Jak and Daxter does not have a sequel so that doesn't prove anything." - DesperateMonkey
4 years ago#6
No one cares about this game. What about the biggest release this year?
Sapphic ladies -
4 years ago#7
I'll just have to buy it on PS3, I guess.
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4 years ago#8
Ah well. Sucks for me I guess. I only wanted that, Ni No Kuni, South Park and Pirate Warriors 2 from the other consoles. On the plus side it stops my PS3 from being a glorified DVD/Blu-Ray player.
4 years ago#9
I'll just have to buy it on Xbox, I guess.
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4 years ago#10

You guys do realize the board isnt one giant hivemind.....right?

Anyway I've neverplayed Tomb Raider and I dont really want to.
Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid are some of the finest 2D games ever made and are the best in the series.
Metroid Fusion is pretty cool I guess.
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