Why lazy third-party devs don't port their games to the Wii U

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From reading all your posts on all the boards Shado, this is how I see you...


You seriously need to do something different...
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ElGado posted...
3D_Shado posted...
1. No desire for innovation, just want to make another military FPS
2. Bias against Nintendo
3. Too lazy to learn the Wii U coding
4. Little faith in the Wii U just because it's not some super PS4 or dumb s***

Basically the ones who don't plan to develop on Wii U are COWARDS. Remember that the greater risk = greater reward, so the devs that ARE developing for Wii U will end up dominating the next generation. Remember this and remember to post the Wii U oath in any troll topic about canceled Wii U games:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No trolls shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship Sony's might,
Beware the power, Wii U lover's light!!!

Stay strong fellow Nintenbros.

Wrong. Third party devs dont port their games to Nintendo because you Nintendrones don't buy third party games. You only buy games that Nintendo makes. You essentially are digging your own graves, fools.

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