Who is your favorite female Nintendo character and why do you like her?

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I'm finding that I can't really pick a favorite, so I guess I'll just give a brief opinion on all the characters listed.

Birdo: Gender issues aside, I just really do not like her obnoxious personality.

Daisy: A fun character. It's just a shame that she's limited to appearing in multiplayer games, where we only see one side of her personality.

Fi: ...She's an artificial intelligence system that talks in a painfully robotic manner. Her forced tutorials are what most people dislike, but apart from them, she's still a very bland character.

Krystal: I've only seen her in Star Fox Assault, but I didn't like her characterization there very much.

Midna: A pretty good character, I think. Her imp form is kind of cute (no, not that kind of cute), but her personality is what makes her memorable.

Peach: She has decent characterization in the Mario RPG games. I just hate the ridiculous voice they give her in games where she speaks out loud.

Rosalina: She's okay, I guess, but not a very prominent character overall.

Samus: I've never played Other M (and only have a passing familiarity with most of her other games, for that matter), but apart from it, she seems like a pretty typical "badass" character and mostly-silent protagonist. She's practically personality-free when she's in her armor, and virtually indistinguishable from the typical male space marine. Overall, she looks cool and does cool things, but she doesn't really have a personality for me to connect with. (Though, again, it may just be because of my limited experience with her games.)

Zelda: Her personality varies too much from game to game (due to her appearing in a different incarnation each time) for me to fully connect with her as a single character.
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Birdo is superior, because she's Nintendo's first transgendered character (the second being Vivian from Paper Mario TTYD, I think).
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DTY3 posted...
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
Peach. She basically fits right into what I'd want in a woman. She's cute, ditzy, able to fend for herself, nice, etc. Plus she kicks ass in Smash Bros. I don't really feel like I could know Zelda as they are multiple entities with differing personalities though I do like the one from SS. I also don't feel that I would know Samus given she has only been truly fleshed out in Other M, and though I did like how she was portrayed, I still don't know much.

You like ditz's? ew

Yes. I think it's cute, by the official definition. A silly, scatterbrained or eccentric person.
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ChocoXCheese posted...
Birdo is superior, because she's Nintendo's first transgendered character (the second being Vivian from Paper Mario TTYD, I think).

That makes it a guy in my book.

Edit: Actually, THAT Birdo is a male anyway. It's just a crossdresser.
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Birdo... Maybe... But if Birdo isn't female after all, going with Illyana from Fire Emblem. Hilarious character.
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Samus hot and a badass.
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Slippy Toad. Nobody will ever convince me she's a male
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Other, Palutena.
She is just so awesome, makes jokes, is hot and is a goddess.
You can't get much better then that.
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Surprised by the lack of Pretty Palutena.
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She's not your typical female protagonist. And her games also kick *** (Other M...was just OK, but didn't Kick ***).
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