Some American Miiiverse users are very racist towards our Japanese brothers.

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There is a difference between racism and adapting to your environment. If a chinese kid moves to america then the kids here are going to give him s*** to see how he reacts. Some will embrace it, some will cry. However the same american kid that cause him a racial slur loser(or whatever) is likely bullying american kids as well.

Do the parents of the chinese kid really expect the transition for their child to be perfect? Even without any mockery at all it would be hard on the kid. If anything that mockery makes it easier for the kid to get in with new people. Its kind of the same as a parent spoiling their kid versus the parent discipling their kid. Making jokes and having fun with someone is like discipline, a lesson in a way. Then you have the parent who abuses their kid, which would be the comparison to racism.

If a person is going to get effected by something so small such as saying "harro my fren" over the internet, then maybe he shouldnt be posting in an american population?

Wow....just wow. This post has to be one of the most idiotic, half baked things I've ever seen posted on Gamefaqs. So when someone bullies a person of another ethnicity and/or country, it's just a form of discipline and good old fashioned kidding around? Furthermore, if they're bothered by that, it's their own fault and they should be the ones changing their behaviors or posting habits?

You're completely clueless, man. COMPLETELY. Wow. *shakes head* The scary part is that there are more people in this world who feel the same way as you.

yeah that is scary.
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Maybe you should devote less effort to finding things to be offended about, and more to something productive.
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