How do I figure out if a Girl I like on Miiverse isn't actually a guy?

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GGearX posted...
I Guess I could let him talk to my sister. She can give him tips.

Here we go again. :D
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X2SB posted...
Where did TC go? He just off and vanished. Like that one guy who had his A button fall off.

He's trying to figure out how to get a girl to talk to him in real life.

He was trying to, but she fell off.
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TC, what have you decided as your next move?
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BeanBeanKingdom posted...
GGearX posted...
I Guess I could let him talk to my sister. She can give him tips.

Here we go again. :D

pics of sister pls?
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@ Gnik:
I somewhat roughly agree with what you wrote, except that i think neither Sony first party support alone, nor the hardcore Atlus/Marvelous/vocaloid fanbase can really keep a system alive (as the former are games that people that already own the systems buy, but are no system sellers, and the latter is a group of 100k people that looks bigger then it is on the internet).

Honestly, sometimes i think the whole concept of a handheld that is not 2 generations behind the home console cycle is simply bound to fail and the PSP in Japan was an anomaly based on the fact that the unconditional third party support the PSP got lead to the creation of one big system seller in Japan, Monster Hunter Portable, which then AFTERWARDS turned the PSP in an attractive platform for the small to mid sized japanese devs that did well on the PS2, yet had trouble to adapt to PS3 development.

To avoid derailing the topic, i guess i have to ask: Has anyone seen the TC lately? I'm concerned he might have lost consciousness from seeing male genitalia.
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Catfish dude, Catfish!
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Either risk being a victim of catfishing, or go outside to meet/get-to-know girls in their physical form.
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She is from Alaska
Likes JRPGs
She is 19 years old
owns Nintendoland and Assassin's Creed 3

likes anime
is learning Japanese and writes Japanese posts

she writes and abbreviates sometimes like some teenage highschool girls do.
she jokes that she wants to "...find hot guys like 17-18 years old on Miiverse"
She owns Just Dance 4 and Black Ops 2.
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DAMMIT! And here I was ready to roam the miiverse for justice!
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G.I.R.L = Guy In Real Life
It's the golden rule of the internet, man!
Don't forget it!

but all those girls on youtube, facebook, twitter and date sites are fake?
I have a cousin that found his wife by using a dating site.

See, there's your problem right there!
None of those sites are gaming specific

Many Men Online Role-Playing as Girls


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