Which of the .30 cent games are you going to get?

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User Info: smashmastermii

4 years ago#51
All of them most likely

User Info: Arcadia__person

4 years ago#52
CaptainMoose posted...
All of them, they're only thirty cents.

This. They've got a pretty decent lineup there, and for only 30 cents I'd probably buy pretty much any game they released. I'm excited-- there are a few of these games that I've never played.
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User Info: Shellshock

4 years ago#53
For 30 cents a piece, all of them.
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User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#54
None, 30 cents or not they are all ports and ports of games I've already played and finished, at least those that I would of wanted to play.

User Info: IronTusk

4 years ago#55
b1gt0ne posted...
IronTusk posted...
Probably just Super Metroid.


Naw, I either own most of those games in other formats already, or I don't need to replay them. Super Metroid is the one with the most replay value.

User Info: hotshotgames

4 years ago#56
I think everything except Punch out and *possibly* Kirby and Balloon fight...

Just because I don't want the clutter and I don't think I would ever play them
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User Info: Yargles0

4 years ago#57
Just Super Metriod, not interested in any of the others.
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User Info: Heazie

4 years ago#58
All of then since they are 30 cents...

The only ones I care about? Balloon Fight and Kirby, though that's also because they are 30 cents...
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User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#59
None. I either have them for their original respective systems, or have no interest in them.

Come on, NoA, bring over the Mother Trilogy for download. THEN I'll be impressed.

User Info: DarthFloaty

4 years ago#60
F-Zero, Kirby, Metroid, and Yoshi. :)
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