C/D Wii U needs to sell 15 million its 1st year to defeat the 4k twins

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The_Ollynator posted...
4K/UHD televisions cost roughly $25,000 at the moment (http://store.sony.ca/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?storeId=20153&langId=200&catalogId=100803&identifier=S_TV_4K) . If we assume that they roughly halve in price by the end of each year...

2012: $25,000
2013: $15,000
2014: $7,000
2015: $4,000

So by 2015, this model predicts that they become competitively priced with current high end HD tv's, and slightly more expensive than HD televisions in ~2006 (iirc). That means that in the latter half of this gen, 4K COULD become accessible to the masses. Then again, consider the fact that 'most' gamers are ~15-30yo (kids/young adults), and buying a $4000 tv is not really viable. By this logic, 4K doesn't seem like a worthwhile target for hardware or software manufacturers this generation.

They're just starting to make 1080p games now even though they could've had them for 6 years. Developers are not going to move to 4k any time within the next generation.
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While I cannot recall where I read the source (although I imagine that a google search could reveal it), but I remember hearing that industry experts predict that 4K televisions will have a 0.8% adoption rate by 2017. Even if we multiply that rate by x10, to 8%(which is insane), it wouldn't be financially logical for companies to appeal to that group. Assuming that they even could.
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since when did PS4 and 720 both say they using 4k TV technology?
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Deny, Nintendo just needs to release a solid first party lineup and ride out Kinectimals 2.
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strongo9 posted...
High end PCs can't even run games at 4K. Who are you trying to kid?

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Garsp! Who r you supposed tu buh?
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