Do you guys feel like Nintendo is giving the 3DS more attention than the Wii U?

#1SolnotPosted 1/27/2013 7:36:59 PM
The 3DS is getting an amazing new Fire Emblem game next week, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Etrian Odyssey IV, Pokemon X and Y, and even more releases later this year.

Meanwhile, what is the Wii U getting? Nothing for the next few months except a boring Lego game and Monster Hunter 3 (which the 3DS is also getting by the way) and then just an HD port of one of the worst Zelda games in the series. When is Nintendo going to give the Wii U something new for a change?
#2mozilla345Posted 1/27/2013 7:38:04 PM
3D HD mario game
Mario Kart U

try harder
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#3P_A_N_D_A_M_A_NPosted 1/27/2013 7:38:34 PM
It's been out longer, and has stabalized. Give it some time.
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#4Starwars4JPosted 1/27/2013 7:39:56 PM
3D Zelda in the works
Wind Waker remake
Fire Emblem x SMT
Yoshi's Epic Yarn
3D Mario
Mario Kart

Yeah, Nintendo is just starting to rev those engines.
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#5BlackPhoenix127Posted 1/27/2013 7:42:51 PM
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
It's been out longer, and has stabalized. Give it some time.

^This, plus let's not forget that Nintendo just gave an entire direct to the WiiU. I don't remember the last time the 3DS got it's own direct, minus that pokemon X Y one which was only two games.
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#6LiveshiptraderPosted 1/27/2013 8:40:10 PM
It's cheaper to design games for the 3DS and they charge close to the same amount and as someone has already pointed out WII U doesn't have an established base at the moment.
#7Faceman_Posted 1/27/2013 8:41:44 PM
Lego City will be surprisingly amazing. Any game where a Lego gets kicked in the nuts is fine by me.
#8pikachupwnagePosted 1/27/2013 9:01:35 PM
3DS first party incoming

Pokemon XY
Pokemon mystery dungeon
Fire emblem awakening
Brain age
Animal crossing
Luigis mansion
Super smash bros

Wii U first party incoming

Wii U party
Pikmin 3
Game and wario
Wii Fit U
Mario Kart
Super mario
Smash bros
Wind waker HD
Yarn Yoshi

Pokemon generation six! All aboard the hype train!
#9b1gt0nePosted 1/27/2013 9:08:32 PM
I feel Sony is giving the WiiU more attention than vita.
#10kdognumba1Posted 1/27/2013 10:16:03 PM
No, I don't feel that way at all. Yes 3DS has a lot coming and a lot going for it but they've been pretty hush hush on a lot for the Wii U and I'm sure we'll see some really huge announcements at E3. So far I'm looking forward to finding out what Itoi's up to, what Retro's up to, how Smash Bros is shaping up, what's this about SMTxFE, how X plays, if DQX will get localized, and what Miyamoto's up to. I'd also like to know what Camelot is up to and what this SE port is.
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