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Guys, I think Andre will voice-act in Yooka-Laylee
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P-Kong125/2 12:35PM
With activision say "stay tune for COD Wii U"...
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aiman4415/2 12:25PM
Has the 2nd Mario Kart 8 dlc been released yet?gamertamer_msm45/2 12:14PM
Just bought Deus Ex for Wii U. First time playing this series.... tips?gfaqster25/2 12:07PM
So if I only play Single player is Splatoon worth getting?
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Eiffel65145/2 11:59AM
Mario kart 8 is fun.
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HighFive135/2 11:32AM
Comparison Poll #6 Old Mario vs New Mario (Poll)Brewster12345/2 11:31AM
I can see Nintendo buying platonic games in the future
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EasterEggHunter205/2 11:20AM
Im sure alot of people have already seen this vid but its still hilarious. MK8!neogeoftw15/2 11:17AM
Name one game from another console that you want on the Wii U
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dataDyneSoldier535/2 11:12AM
Yooka-Laylee: What sort of level designs are you hoping for?LordJackal85/2 11:07AM
A new Metroid, if properly advertised, would boost sales for the Wii U.
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koalabear9301125/2 10:55AM
I really want Nintendo to focus on new games at this E3.BlueLinkHero45/2 10:52AM
this console's time is nearing.
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Hastewind245/2 10:27AM
Will the GameCube adapter work with these games?Dannyson9735/2 10:27AM
how to run n64 games in full screen?elsmitty65/2 10:21AM
anyone use the Wii U lens cleaning kit?Blue_Katarn15/2 9:58AM
How much can I get for a gamepad battery with 1500 mah?Mikey9335/2 9:54AM
I'm not going to watch the Splatoon Direct because I don't need anymore spoilersChenmaster285/2 9:40AM
Wiiu problem, bricked??
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Wolverinefactor145/2 9:25AM