No WiiU exclusives in UK top 40 chart for 6th week in a row

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Yes, the country at threat of going into a triple dip recession has poor videogame sales. Not to mention the rise in travel fares in London, as well as parking fees etc. I think the people here have a lot more to worry about than buying a console for fun. You may find that hard to understand seeing as you have no responsibilities and probably have your parents buying everything for you.
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Suck it up Nintenyearolds.
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From: realzelda | #004
due to retailers charging us 50 not 40 what it should be like ps3/360. this is why a lot of wii u games gone on sale this weekend like ac3 for 30 etc once the retailers stop being greedy it should be fine

Actually its due to a lack of demand. You people need to stop coming with new excuses every week.
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StarBladeEdge posted...

this is the system for the cool underground people

we don't need noob mainstream systems like ps360. we are cool with the little we have !


You could say its so far underground that its dead and buried!
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