Rarest games that you own

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Looking at my collection (in my sig), I don't have too many rarities.

I guess my best piece would be my complete Odyssey.

I have a few cool things like most good SNES RPGs and EVO, but nothing I can really consider rare. I don't have a single game that cost me over 80$ to get (not counting collector editions and Rock Band).

Oh, maybe Star Castle on the 2600 since it's a kickstarter exclusive with seemingly only a bit over 300 copies made.
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PENDRAG0ON posted...
sejan12 posted...
Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story are not rare. You can still go to the store and buy them brand new off the shelf. The only reason that people think Xenoblade is rare is because it is a Gamestop exclusive. Games cannot be rare when they are still readily available to the public at retail. It may be rare in the future, but as it stands now, it is common.

As far as what's mentioned, I also have Chrono Trigger (In box with one of the maps), Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mario RPG, and several others that have been mentioned.

My first "rare" game I ever got was chubby cherub. Too bad its a terrible game and is virtually worthless without the box and manual.

Xenoblade is pretty much sold out (actually call your Gamestop, their Online tracking is not working right) and new copies of The Last Story don't come in the Limited Edition box anymore. (it got a second print run at $29.99)

Yeah they're going close too $100 sealed on eBay as the supply in the stores is almost dried up.
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I don't have much but some are good.

LoZ GameCube CE Promo Disc (sealed)
Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary (sealed)
Final Fantasy VI Advance (sealed)
Metroid Prime Trilogy (sealed)
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#44PhoenixPrincePosted 1/28/2013 10:33:07 AM
Um.. I really don't have many rarities.

Final Fantasy VII (Black Label)
Zelda CE
Minish Cap (If you'd call that rare)
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#45SebVettelPosted 1/28/2013 10:38:28 AM
The rarest games I own are probably:

Alien Hominid
Little King's Story
Stanley Cup (SNES)
Monaco Grand Prix (N64)
#46j2cc45Posted 1/28/2013 10:43:39 AM
my top two are

Metroid Prime Trilogy
Gears of War 1 Collectors edition

both sealed.
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El_Dustino posted...
Earthbound is not rare.

Ikaruga is not rare.

Just because something is old, or in demand, does not mean that it is rare.

Anyways, not even sure how rare it is, but I suppose that I would say Clay Fighters: Sculptor's Cut for the N64.

actually I think that would be the definition...y'know...in demand yet not very many copies?
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I like to appraise my collection when I get new games:

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Earthbound, CV: Dracula X, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mega Man 1-5 on Game Boy, Dragon Warrior 1-4 on NES, Adventure Time 3DS CE, Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story LE...
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nothing major really, just the PS2 version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom may become worth more son as Capcom had to stop production recently, so I guess that too.
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