Rarest games that you own

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El_Dustino posted...

EDIT: People tend to only call games rare so they can try to charge more for it, which is the case with Earthbound, just insanely out of control. It kinda irks me, really, because this sort of thing f***s the market up and makes it harder for people that want to collect older games.

Tell me about it, game collecting has been hell in the last 2-3 years because of the massive increase in prices. Games that used to be in the 20$ range have recently been going up to 60+ like Demon's Crest (actually, I just looked on eBay, it's ~90$ now >_>). There's quite a few games I want that I'll probably never get because I'm reasonable with my game purchases and paying over 100$ for a game is senseless.

Can't wait for this particular bubble to burst.
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Popful Mail used to be like 50 dollars for a complete copy... and now, eesh. :/ I really hope that something causes prices to come crashing down at some point, but I am not sure if that will happen.

We can at least expect prices to lower a little bit come Spring/Summer, though Earthbound seems to be going up more and more...
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The anti-used game tech will make everything worse. Gamers will be hocking sealed out of print games for hundreds.
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Phantasy star online episode 1+2 plus.
I paid 80 for it, it sells now for anywhere around 110-300
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Yeah, I'm quite happy that I got my (cartridge only) copy of Earthbound for free, it's like every day the price goes up a bit. No offense to Earthbound, it is a badass game, but people are legit crazy if they're actually paying that much for it.
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At the price it is at now, you might as well just put on your eyepatch. Anyone that would blame you should get over themselves.

Also, Phantasy Star 1 and 2 costs that much now? Uhg. I can't believe that even gamecube games are going for such insane prices... Gotcha Force is f***ing 80 dollars.
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miraimike posted...
The anti-used game tech will make everything worse. Gamers will be hocking sealed out of print games for hundreds.

30 years from now ps3 games will be absolutely worthless because of so much dlc and content taken away from the disc the psn will be gone so most of the games will be come unplayable too.

my most recent buy is the game and watch collection sealed from club nintendo, i will never open it either, i have both ico and shadow of colossus on ps2 and hd collection, space channel 5 part 2 on dreamcast, metal gear solid 3 subsistence and metal gear solid 2 substance just to name a few.
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Panzer Dragoon Saga
Burning Rangers
Magic Knight Rayearth

Link: The Faces of Evil
Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
Zelda's Adventure
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I don't have any rare games, but I do have a Sega Nomad. I hope that counts for something. Oh, and that abominable eReader for the GBA.
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The original prints of: persona 1 and 2, dds 1 (boxed and unboxed) and dds 2, and nocturne.

Too bad all got reprints and/or superior remakes. Damn you Atlus.
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