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20 coins to PlatClancyj433/3 11:26AM
Where do you buy your games?
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locky723343/3 11:03AM
Amiibo's being re-released... In Japan.
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Dalkin153/3 10:27AM
So, are you getting Splatoon? (Poll)
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FireBeaver163/3 10:20AM
Which games have you played in Nintendo's history where the protagonist.....
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ZebuFrenzy163/3 10:14AM
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse or Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker?upthebracket8443/3 10:09AM
People have been calling for a mario maker esque game for years......shaunme63/3 10:09AM
Wii U not playing Pikmin 3? Seems to be stuck at the loading screen.HellsController43/3 9:49AM
Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows announced
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Rob_the_Ninja203/3 9:49AM
Former SOA CEO says Nintendo shouldn't give up on consoles.
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FireBeaver163/3 9:42AM
Stealth 2: buy now or wait for ps 4 one?dynakong93/3 8:52AM
After replaying MM, I dislike zeldaU being open world....
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dynakong153/3 8:45AM
I want this t shirtSharky843/3 8:29AM
finally found mega man :)
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Cloudslayer2007203/3 8:12AM
My biggest worry is that now Nintendo is making Wii Games Downloadable,
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d_side253/3 7:50AM
Wii U connects to 5ghz wifi!nepeon963/3 7:44AM
What Mega Man series do you most want a new game for? (Poll)
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CelesEsperIce3283/3 7:41AM
BATTLE SYSTEM X direct on friday!CyberDroneKirby53/3 7:29AM
Never was able to find Pit AmiiboRyu X53/3 7:24AM
which game to get?daverraver7103/3 7:15AM