Why do people call the WiiU a failure?

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I guess they felt burned by the WiiU despite the fact that Nintendo has gone for console power for most of its history. If anything they should be mad at Sony who proved(ps2) that as long as you have a great library of games, console power takes a back seat. If anything its like Sony and Nintendo have traded places.

That's not quite the same situation. The PS2 may have been the weakest of the three, but it wasn't grossly underpowered.
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I guess they felt burned by the WiiU despite the fact that Nintendo has gone for console power for most of its history.


Every Nintendo console and portable ever made has been outclassed in power by their contemporaries.

The claim that Nintendo has always been about power is nothing more than revisionist history concocted by Nintendo's enemies.

Lets see, NES was not the weakest console at the time
SNES was more powerful than GENESIS
N64 was more powerful than PS
GC was more powerful than PS2

I guess fans just recently decided with Wii that graphics don't matter.

NES was outclassed by the Sega Master System and Arcades.
SNES was outclassed by the NeoGeo, PC, Atari Jaguar, 3DO and Arcades.
N64 was outclassed by PC and Arcades. (It was also going to be outclassed by the M2, but that one never materialized.)
GC was outclassed by the Xbox and PC.

Gameboy was outclassed by the Atari Lynx, the Sega Game Gear, the Turbo Express Portable and Wonderswan.
GBA was outclassed by no one because there wasn't anyone to compete against until...
NDS was outclassed by the PSP and Japanese cellphones lol
3DS was outclassed by the Vita.
Wii U will be outclassed by the 720 and PC

The end.

The only one you could argue was about power is the N64. However that would make it the oddball console amongst a long stream of underpowered hardware.

Fail harder.

The end, for real.


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My point is that Nintendo hasn't always had the weakest home console. Handhelds is another conversation.

No, that wasn't your point. You were parroting a false history. Now you're just moving the goal post.
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It feels like people nowadays have completely forgotten the one thing that makes Nintendo so great.

"It's always been about the games, not about the hardware."

If you don't believe me then watch these:

PlayValue: Filmed in 2006, Uploaded in 2011