When does Alien come out?

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3 years ago#11
Well at least there will be some mystery and excitement surrounding the Wii U version. Like a chestburster growing inside you, this baby could pop out and eat your face at any time!
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(message deleted)
3 years ago#13
Rainswept posted...
spartansbrother posted...
Rainswept posted...
Apparently there's been a ton of reports popping up in the last few days saying it has been delayed if not flat out cancelled.



That is seriously terrible. Probably deserves its own topic.

oh my freaking god... "trolls" (and i use that term loosely) are getting worse and worse, just get back to your giant enemy crabs

Speaking of giant enemy crabs did you notice in DmC there's arcade machines you can break that show a game called "Giant Enemy Crabs"? I saw that and thought it was funny.

Oh wait, I guess you probably didn't see that since DmC is another game that's not coming to WiiU.
lol wow..
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3 years ago#14
Game hasn't gone gold on the Wii U yet, no date confirmed.
3 years ago#15

I'll just leave this here for people having doubts of the Wii U release.
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