Characters and Stages you would like to see in Super Smash Bros. U or 3DS.

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4 years ago#1
For me it's.




Gaur Plain

What about you guys?
4 years ago#2
The prepper
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4 years ago#3
Music for each stage.


Hyrule Field
Outset Island
Legend of Zelda Main Theme
Ballard of the Goddess (The one on the LE CD)

Gaur Plain

Gaur Plain
You Will Know Our Names
The God-Slaying Sword
Satorl Marsh
Colony 9
4 years ago#4

Knuckles the Echidna


I dunno, something Sonic-themed, maybe Chemical Plant Zone?,,
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4 years ago#5
Mallo (from Pushmo and Crashmo. maybe as an assist trophy, not a full-fledged character)
Mega Man
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4 years ago#6
since Namco Bandai is working on it I want a Katamari stage/assist trophy ^_^
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4 years ago#7
I would like to have both versions in a complete and full state, as opposed to two 'half' versions for the sake of connectivity.
Blockscape -
4 years ago#8
Other Characters and Stages I'd like to see but are not at the top of my list.


Pokemon Trainer (W/ Johto starters this time)
Mewtwo (needs to come back)
Toon Zelda
Toon Link (needs a return)


Windfall Island
Cerulean Cave
City Escape

Final Smashes for every character

Shulk: Manado Buster.
Ghirahim: Transformation and automatically knocking off all characters in front of him off the stage with his sword.
Pokemon Trainer: (same as previous Pokemon Train but with Johto Starters)
Tails: Hyper Tails.
Knuckles: Hyper Knuckles.
Mewtwo: Psychic.
Toon Zelda: Running everyone over with the pirate ship.
Toon Link: (this time it needs to be different) blowing everyone away using the Wind Waker to call a cyclone to the stage.
4 years ago#9
They need to focus on fixing Brawls mistakes before shoehorning in bad characters.
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4 years ago#10
Neku (3rd party I know)
Maybe that Dillon armadillo thing from the 3DS game. In fact there are a lot of new characters available from the 3ds eshop games.
Guy from Pandora's tower

The water world from NSMBU
Silent Realm
An open field from Xenoblade with all those huge gorillas and creatures walking around in the background.
One of the tower's in Pandora's tower.

Can't think of much else right now.
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