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True or false: Splatoon will not live up to the hype surrounding it (Poll)
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Anything known about Mario Maker?
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My Smash Wii U disc (problem)
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Can we at least get an eShop Exclusive Advance Wars f***ing Nintendo?xXDa-KidXx94/25 6:04PM
I'm so f****** sick of people cheating on Wii U Sports Bowling...
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What is your favorite wii U game?
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HighFive224/25 4:23PM
Xenoblade X Texture Pop-In: While some are fine, others look early-PS2 era. (Closed)Enigma14984/25 4:18PM
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Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director on HD development and morePS4Warrior14/25 4:12PM
What exactly is amiibo tap?Trevor_Belmont34/25 4:05PM
So far everything we know about Xenoblade Chronicles X.
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did anyone actually pre-ordered Splatoon? (Closed)
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Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities.will feature improved graphics, extras -PS4Warrior54/25 3:54PM
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Petite Games bringing Land It Rocket to Wii UPS4Warrior14/25 3:48PM
Best 3rd party Wii U Games or ports?justaseabass84/25 3:20PM
The Wiimote isn't'the the worst Nintendo controller
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