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Where is the all the virtual console games?
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Why was Mike Tyson not in Punch out Wii?
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MabinogiFan191/30 1:18AM
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Are they pushing the DLC for Hyrule Warriors to fast?
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Does "Metroid trilogy" give Club Nintendo points?
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The official Club Nintendo code giveaway thread
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PiOverlord201/29 9:40PM
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Can you play Metroid Prime Trilogy just using the Gamepad?
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Metroid Prime Trilogy file size confirmed 7.7 gb
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PSA: Casuals do not call Link "Zelda" and Samus "Metroid"HiiiiiTechnical81/29 9:03PM
Rosalina / Lucario Amiibo Release Datecactusjac791/29 9:02PM
Rate That Wii U Game - Super Mario 3D World (Poll)
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So with only 15 games this year and no 3rd party support, will Nintendo FINALLYZellio2014101/29 8:51PM
What do you dislike about Zelda
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Yetiforever181/29 8:32PM