Regarding Mega Man, and the virtual console...

#21PendragoonPosted 1/29/2013 11:51:18 PM
2 years ago I did a Megaman marathon, I had never beaten any of the classic 6 and vowed to do so. One game a day and it was pretty tough, but a lot of fun.

Start with #2 on Normal, it is pretty easy. #1 is probably the hardest of the group, especially Gutsman's stage...
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MasterOfHunters posted...
I forgot the mention the Zero series, which is easily tougher than the original series.

Lies. I beat all MMZ games in hard. Got the highest ranked in most of them as well. MMX games were fun but not hard. ( probably because my very first GBC game was MEGAMAN Xtreme) but IIRC 5 years ago ( when I played MM anniversary collection) The original series gave me a tough time. And they still do to this day.
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