Miiverse is full of self assuring blind Nintendo fanboy sheeples its unbearable!

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lmao wow, that is awful TC.

I lol'd at the person defending load times, and being inaccurate about it. Cartridge games had next to zero load times, one of the perks of N64 games vs Sony Playstaion. NES and older games didn't even load.

Probably some little kid trying to act like an OG gamer and failing at it. Such ignorance.
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SniperNightOwl posted...
NES and older games didn't even load.

That's not entirely accurate. Magnetic Media had significant load times. Casette tape games have the worst load times of any gaming medium, because there was no way to read specific addresses without going through the entire tape. The Famicom Disk System also had to load, for a similar reason.
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P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
GloryChaos posted...
I once saw someone on miiverse who tried to tell me that Treyarch couldn't use the gamepad mic because it would sound awful and everybody in your lobby would hear nothing but you mashing buttons. So yes, there is no denying that excuses can get pretty bad.

But that applies to any kind of fanboy. They are all the same. Save for the Kirby and Touhou fanbases.

About the mic, it now turns out that it's the opposite. You can hardly hear the mic and though it can be used for online games such as AC3, it isn't viable.

Dangit. I was hoping it would outmatch the DS mic at least. Looks like we'll have to go the Bluetooth route...
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Any "good" message board, if you insult someone chances are you're going to get modded. So if you were insulting someone and modded for it, that's your own fault. Don't try and blame others for your mistakes.
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