I've lost faith in the Wii U version of Colonial Marines

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3 years ago#1
2 weeks out from the launch of this game on the other systems and it doesn't even have a release date yet on the Wii U.

I love the Alien series and had high hopes for this game, but I'm getting a feeling that things are not going well at the studio in charge of the Wii U version. I hope the game releases in a month or two and shows the world that its a good port, but until that point, my hype for the game is officially deflated to zero.

I'm probably going to cancel my preorder for this game next time I get the chance. What should I get instead?
3 years ago#2
The developers seem to have nothing but praise for the Wii U version,
and it was always stated it would be released shortly after.

No point in them shooting themselves in the foot with a fake date.

Honestly, this game has been in production for so long, canned, picked up, redone,
I have little faith in it on any platform.

I wish they'd gone back to the roots and done the Jaguar AvP, for me the best one out of them all.
3 years ago#3
It's a shame that it's not hitting at the same time as the other versions. Especially after all of the excitement from the developers about the Wii U version. Hopefully the delay is for extra polish on Nintendo's console, and not for issues with the hardware.

Though I suspect that, much to the delight of forum trolls, it is the latter. :(

Anyway you look at it, the delay is going to end up in reduced sales as multi-platform owners will likely buy whichever version is available first.
3 years ago#4
Your lack of faith is disappointing.....
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3 years ago#5
This is only hypothetical of course and means nothing, but what if Sony and Microsoft actually pressured developers to release multiplat games on their systems first? :P
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3 years ago#6
Well look at it this way, if the game sucks we can thank everyone who doesn't have a Wii U for being the guinea pigs. This uncertainty about the release date could be a blessing in disguise, and I agree this is very shady on their part. I see the game coming out in May or June.
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3 years ago#7
SS4_Namreppiv posted...
Your lack of faith is disappointing.....

Enough Vader! Release him!
The last game in the series wasn't very good. I wouldn't get too excited for this one.
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3 years ago#9
I lost faith in the game in general last year when a Gearbox worker said the game was in development hell. This was a of the record chat I had at a brewery. He did said it won't be as bad as duke nukem though
3 years ago#10
From a third party stand point, this will be common for a year or two. Bank big money on the bigger market, than make the better game (or at least try) on the WiiU.
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