LOL Kotaku - Nintendo and the Cult of Personality

#11ElectricKaibutuPosted 1/30/2013 7:19:41 PM
STE573 posted...
Cannot stand the guy, just because his latest direct was good does not excuse his sheer idiocy in the past, the pushing of the Wii brand, the marketing of the Wii U, the utter reliance on existing IP and the consistent prioritisation of the casual gamer are all down to this guy.

He has the biggest job in gaming IMO, and he's made some down right idiotic decisions since he took the reigns, but he has brought Nintendo to more people and re-established Nintendo as a leader, but still, at the cost of a lot of gamer good will (skipping HD, servicible online and skimping on power).

Nintendo had already lost the hardcore. They were busy playing their GTAs and their dudebro shooters. The Wii and their crazy dual screen handheld that targeted casuals has made Nintendo enough cash that the Wii U and their next console could both fail and they'd still have money in the bank.

They have enough time to mend their ways if the Wii U turns out to be another GameCube.