Sony and Microsoft bow out of next-gen at last minute in favour of mobile gaming

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Still not moderated.
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Yeah I agree. Way too many rediculous topics on this board. It does confirm though that the Wii U is popular.

Just not to people with buying power. Zing!

And yet its selling faster than the Xbox 360 and PS3 were at this time in their respective much better economies.

No wonder there's so much anguishing.
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Sony has gone into real estate. Proof is in the selling of two buildings recently.
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Sony has gone into real estate. Proof is in the selling of two buildings recently.

They should go in to property rental... I'd pay twice my current rent for Jack Tretton to come unblock my toilet as my janitor. Scratch that. 3 times haha.
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If you don't like how the board is run why don't you just leave?

Since you seem to be an inquiring mind, why don't you ask people this question when they complain about fanboys?

Because complaining about fanboys is not the same as complaining about how the board is run?
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I don't ever go to the other boards ( as there is nothing that interests me there anymore), but it seems like some of the Mods or Admins are in fact, leaders in this troll rebellion. This board is the literal Gotham City before Batman manifests and it's sad that it's tolerated and allowed.

What's worse is the fact that we as humans can't be trusted to act dignified and respectful as long as anonymity is present, and when someone tries to quell the disease they are the ones who become singled out. The person in the wrong acts all discriminated against and flies off the handle for actually being wrong and confronted.

Oh well, what is will be and what should will never be.
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