In a way Nintendo hoards all their AAA 3DS and Wii U games for March >:(

#1gfaqsterPosted 1/31/2013 2:28:01 AM

Luigis Mansion
Fire Emblem
Animal Crossing
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Lego City Undercover
Monster Hunter

Wii U

Monster Hunter
Pikmin 3
Lego City Undercover
Rayman Legends
Game and Wario

plus eshop games and various updates ALL ON MARCH!

Seriously wtf?

like no games for 2-3 months and then tsunami wave of like 25 games released at once?

Seriously Nintendo if you released maybe 3 of these titles every month since December then more people would probably buy them.

If you release all these games in the same month we are going to have to decide if we want these awesome games or these other awesome games...

What the hell is up with these game droughts?

Take summer time for example for the 3DS in the first year.
NO GAME RELEASES WHATSOEVER and then bam in November we get 3-4 AAA Nintendo 3DS titles >_>

Its like all these game companies are in derp mode and go "Hey everyone else in releasing games in March! lets release our games all in the same month too! then there will be like 50 new titles on the market at once! and like no games for 3 months!!!"

Makes me angry >:((((
#2HellsingOrgPosted 1/31/2013 2:38:54 AM
I agree 100%
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#3diggyfreshPosted 1/31/2013 2:42:33 AM
February is the shortest month.
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#4Thunderbird8Posted 1/31/2013 2:46:25 AM
Castlevania isn't Nintendo.
Lego City Undercover for the 3DS is supposedly set to release in April.
Animal Crossing doesn't even have a release date nailed down for US and EU yet.
Monster Hunter isn't Nintendo.
Fire Emblem comes out Monday in the US.
Pikmin 3 doesn't have a release date nailed down yet.
Rayman Legends a)isn't Nintendo and b)is set to release in Feb (though near the end of the month)

And besides, aren't January and February typically slow months for releases for everyone?
#5HellsingOrgPosted 1/31/2013 5:27:59 AM
u forgot Wonderful 101
The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame.