Why still no games with Accomplishments?

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3 years ago#111
digiblaster posted...
but to say that it actually adds gameplay is wrong IMO, especially given that achievements are often for things you wouldn't do in regular gameplay.

the first part of that conflicts with the second part
If it gives you incentive to do things you wouldn't normally do, then yes it has added gameplay
3 years ago#112
LurkerLord posted...
Badreview posted...
-NotoriousLynx posted...
1. Do something amazing in game
2. Take a picture of it and post it to Miiverse

Achievements suck. Make up your own "achievements". Most of them are "5g - Complete tutorial" anyway. Why is that worth anything?

As I said, it gives incentive to get the harder achievements.

yeah your right, screw High Scores.

Every 2d mario game should never have a score system.

Then take a screenshot of your Mario score(s) and post it Miiverse.

Stuff you put on miiverse isnt permanent, or quickly accessible, or accessible at all offline
3 years ago#113
Baha05 posted...
Badreview posted...
Of course they can, that isn't the point. It's about maximizing profits.

Which they do, again people that buy games for achievements isn't that big of a market.

It was big enough to force Sony to add them to PS3, and big enough to have devs beg Sony to add them to PS minis and PS mobile.

You're deluding yourself if you think it's a small market by any means
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