Um, why is Wii U getting a Google Maps app?

#11Ultima_MagikarpPosted 1/31/2013 10:22:08 AM
Cartography Simulator 2013
#12Xeeh_BitzPosted 1/31/2013 12:04:19 PM
That's a great idea, you can pack your Wii U console with you, stop and find a power outlet and viola.. you can get directions! Great idea!
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#13jbhensPosted 1/31/2013 12:54:05 PM
Because the trolley would be saying nintendoomed if it didn't get Google maps.
#14jbhensPosted 1/31/2013 12:55:45 PM
Trolls I meant
#15lninjasoniclPosted 1/31/2013 1:08:55 PM(edited)
Ultima_Magikarp posted...
Cartography Simulator 2013

and the eventual dub step video
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#16shampoowarriorPosted 1/31/2013 2:17:57 PM
Because google street view is way more important to gamers than an account system or achievements
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selfdeztruction posted...
So that you can find your nearest bestbuy or gamestop and sell your Wii U and buy a system that actually has games,because the Wii U haz no gaemz.

The things currently on the Wii U aren't games,they are just interactive little pieces of data that can be experienced for hours on end and will only give us the illusion that we're experiencing what it's like to have fun and enjoyment.

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