costco has wii u deluxe for 299

#11gamingman43Posted 1/31/2013 6:27:13 PM
The Wii-U is dying folks.
#12ape51Posted 1/31/2013 7:42:58 PM(edited)
I decided to jump in on this deal. While $300 is still over priced for the hardware their giving you, I feel it is a good enough price for the immediate future.

I'm looking forward to trying NSMB Wii U and Zombi U. Also, a select few Wii games like both Galaxies and both Zelda games are worth checking out.

I'm still a bit concerned that only Rayman and Pikmin look like the only games worth buying over the first half of this year. I guessing Nintendo's big holiday games will be Mario Kart and Wind Waker, which seems sort of weak. Mario Kart might be alright if the online design is actually competent (multiple playlist, local multi-player guest slots, custom matches, and match making), it doesn't let snaking ruin the game, and the rubber-banding isn't god awful (glares over at Mario Kart Wii).

I'm sure Wind Waker will be a great game, but I sure hope I'm wrong and Nintendo doesn't consider this to one their premier Fall/Holiday releases. Remakes should only ever be gravy, a little something extra that sweetens the deal.

I've got a bad feeling the new 3d Mario will be released in 2014, I've nothing to base that on, but I feel like it will slip or not be announced for this year. Hope I'm wrong.

EDIT: In case anyone is wondering you don't need a membership to get in on this deal, but they will charge you an extra $15 on your order.