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for those people who have the Wii U Ethernet Adapter accessory (Closed)m2k13511/25 4:30PM
I seriously wish sonic boom didn't happen.
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ysoserious2911/25 4:20PM
Super Smash Bros WiiU: Name that character video21_21411/25 4:12PM
Question about recovering my Nintendo Network IDACx7311/25 4:09PM
Can You Guys List The Exclusives For The Wii-U?golden85354811/25 4:03PM
Which game should i get? Wonderful 101, Bayo 2, or toad?
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Voelger1311/25 3:53PM
Is Walmart pushing out the Wii U. for this new Alienware console?
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Poweranimals1711/25 3:23PM
It's almost over. Have you survived?.locky723211/25 2:42PM
friends request increase?Profaniter7111/25 2:31PM
Nintendo screws people who don't buy day one now... (Closed)
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Sakurafanboy7211/25 2:28PM
#Woah!!! @Nintendo_Amiibo figures are very small! No, really! Smaller than my dipipebomb__sushi311/25 2:23PM
Nintendolife "3DS version is as good as the WiiU version"billlewe23711/25 2:21PM
What are the most essential original Wii games?hulkhogan1211/25 2:07PM
sony false advertising condemned: Does this apply to the wii U?smallhorse666911/25 2:04PM
Reason wiiU multiplats are late/poor compared to ps3/360/ps4/xbone multiplats
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stalemate_6661311/25 1:50PM
smash online is a fricken mess...
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Cubfan08215311/25 1:45PM
Anyone know anything about the $250 wii u deal, and if its for sure happening?Deathx113111/25 1:33PM
so which Batman Arkham City game is the best version (PS3/Wii U)?
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moogle691211/25 1:31PM
Why Sonic games remain mediocre (and why we hype them).
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EdwardoMario162511/25 1:26PM
would you buy a ZSS amiibo (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu541111/25 1:05PM