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Anyone else unable to go into Nintendo's Eshop?Cheko201524/1 8:02PM
3rd Party games are only selling on last gen not current gen consoles
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Infinity8378474/1 7:54PM
The PS3 Super Slim at $199 is currently outselling the Wii U on Amazon...
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Shovel_Break434/1 7:53PM
Does the Yoshi amiibo work with Yoshi's Wooly World?Chenmaster254/1 7:52PM
At this point, Nintendo, Just release Mother 3, for the love of god.
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the20thvongola174/1 7:49PM
The making of Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing track musicMegamushroom66614/1 7:48PM
There's like nothing coming out this year that I want...CutthemacX74/1 7:46PM
Animal Crossing Vs Donkey Kong (Club Nintendo Platinum) (Poll)vapour21724/1 7:43PM
Do you think we'll see Tantalus's port tomorrow?
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CutthemacX174/1 7:41PM
Now's our chance to put Reggie in SmashGrenadus44/1 7:33PM
GG amazonss4gogeta_dark14/1 7:33PM
Sooo...Who did you vote for?
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Hazel_Ninja184/1 7:31PM
SMT X FE is a new SMT spinoff series.ZoZolad24/1 7:30PM
Rumor Greninja is a TRU exclusivePaulf00124/1 7:28PM
Worst direct everIloveslimesOMG64/1 7:27PM
who the **** wants dry bowser in the first place
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parabola_master194/1 7:25PM
Nintendo's Legacy: Mario or Zelda? (Poll)
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TalesRevenant464/1 7:22PM
Official: Get Nintendo to finally make SkullKid/ Majora playable in SSB4 topic!!Skulltula_Kid64/1 7:22PM
2015 is the year of Nintendo!Mandrew25734/1 7:21PM
what your top 10 favorite Mario games?ysoserious44/1 7:18PM