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Get Wii U for $224.99 with 3D world at Target
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Ryu X1712/17 8:40AM
I have a problem
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Do you think our NNID will carry over?
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CheckedIt1112/17 7:22AM
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What would you say was the best year in gaming?
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SolomonBenDavid2012/17 6:56AM
hopefully Nintendo will realize that with the success of Amiibo...Cubfan082812/17 6:52AM
Games you liked as a kid but think are crap now
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XDark_KalasX13112/17 6:51AM
You getting Devil's Third? (Poll)
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Yayyy1231412/17 6:40AM
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Star Fox releasing next year before Zelda!!!
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nintendo_masiah4212/17 5:54AM
Is the Smash Bros Wii U Basic Bundle going to be released in North America?LeonMitarashi112/17 5:08AM
Will the new starfox be like 64? And who is making this game?
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i_am_jobvd1612/17 4:11AM
Best Eshop buys?Crimsonscythe17812/17 3:49AM
Rosalina Amiibo is up for pre-order on target. com (for real this time)leViticus0112/17 2:56AM