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I found The Calling on a store shelf today. (Wii game)Banjo255342/28 8:57PM
is there ANYWAY I can hook my wii u gamepad up to my PC?Da-PollGuy5442/28 8:49PM
Why is majora's mask not on the U :(
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CyberDroneKirby202/28 8:47PM
Gold Mario Amiibo going for 250 on eBay
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vejeta112/28 8:11PM
Wii games with wii u gamepad controls
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Dav7dHero7J7sus142/28 7:51PM
Do you think the reason wave 4 amiibo aren't available yet is because they areRemixDeluxe42/28 7:49PM
Whats the best game on the Wii U?
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WebsandWigs202/28 7:24PM
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Got an external HD... What now?AttackOnTitan62/28 7:09PM
WiiU & 3DS versions of OlliOlli will be CROSS BUY! A 1st for 3rd party games
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BaronVladz172/28 6:42PM
Why do so many people want Iwata to retire?
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Street_Overlord2052/28 6:05PM
So are sonic and Mega Man amiibos coming more common.
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Ryanthepanda142/28 5:43PM
What is the worst game from each Nintendo console?FireBeaver102/28 5:41PM
how much do you think i should sell my club nintendo smash bros soundtrack CDs?druskie92/28 5:37PM
My last 2 Nintendo Club Codes.Dragoncavalier52/28 5:27PM
If they could translate Fire Emblem 4 and 5 and release them on VC...DTY3102/28 5:24PM
What if Nintendo hired an american as company CEO? (Poll)
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Nemerlight242/28 5:03PM
Found a couple of Wii Fiit Trainer amiibos.
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IngSlayer222/28 4:52PM
Game disc front side scratchedicyfire542/28 4:48PM