C/D: The reason you buy nintendo consoles is to play their own 1st party games.

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3 years ago#11
Not the main, But i usually end up having much more 1st party games than 3rd
3 years ago#12
Confirm, along with the rare exclusives.
3 years ago#13
I will only buy a console for it's exclusives. Why buy a console just to play third party games that are also on every other system? Most games run close enough that owning one console as a third party machine isn't worth it.

Nintendo is always a safe bet thanks to their large first party lineup. Their games are also still as high quality as ever, even if the formulas for each is getting a little stale. They are the comfort food of gaming.

Sony was a safe bet, but they have lost Insomniac as an exclusive and Naughty Dog is making interactive movies now instead of expansive adventures, they aren't as safe as they were in 2006. Square Enix is now making Final Fantasy Multiplatform, that is another lost reason to blind buy a Sony console. So much has changed in 7 years...

Microsoft... Halo and Gears and pay to play online, and not much else.
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3 years ago#14
Of course. Anything else is just a nice bonus.
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3 years ago#15
no i want all games on it ....and i get them all ahahaha jajajahjaja

i have a plan ahahajajaja
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3 years ago#16
Deny here.
While 1st party titles are often reliable for a good time, my top favorites are usually 3rd party exclusives.
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3 years ago#17
Nintendo's 3rd party games are horrible/dumbed down versions. The last time they had a superior 3rd party games were SNES days. lol.
3 years ago#18
Confirm. I always pick up Nintendo systems for their first party games first, and then look into what other interesting exclusives it may offer. I always pair up Nintendo consoles with another console of it's gen to broaden my options. My gaming interests are just all over the place, and I always find it tough to commit to just one system.
3 years ago#19
Nope, I buy the latest Nintendo console for same reason why I buy the latest from Sony and Microsoft - first and third party exclusives.

I do have a bit of a rule for multiplats however - I get those on PC. If it's not available on the PC, than the 360/PS3 (depends largely on the title - anything with online is usually PS3).
3 years ago#20
How can anyone deny? unless they dont use the wii u for gaming lol.
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  3. C/D: The reason you buy nintendo consoles is to play their own 1st party games.

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