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3 years ago#1
Dear Nintendo,

As an avid player of your consoles since the first time I picked up the original Gameboy and the Snes I feel I should provide you with some feedback. Feel free to ignore it all you like. This criticism isn't meant to detract, cry foul, or anger any community member. It is said with heartfelt fondness of the experiences you have provided me through your products. In recent months you have undertaken quite a journey with the launch of a console, and a somewhat profitable holiday season. However you have admitted many mistakes as of recently which I can not abide. I wish for you to be better, and as such have some suggestions to put forth. Feel free to not respond in any way. Which is what I expect. First issue is the Wii U. I enjoy my Wii U, until I beat the Mario game I bought for it. I haven't turned it on since December. Now you recently apologized for not having any titles releasing in January and February. Being a video game company it is your responsibility to provide me with entertainment, which I will gladly pay for. You have neglected your customer and by rights have squandered two months of Lead Time on your opponents Sony and Microsoft. For you to remain a profitable corporation this must never happen again. I'm not saying that you should put out a AAA game every month. I'm saying that you should release your block buster titles 6 months or 3 months apart, with the exception of a console launch. If you can not reasonably do it in house, buy or co-operate with third or first party developers. Farm out some properties to them and let them have a chance, while maintaining a healthy respect to these franchises. Your courting of third party developed titles has been laughable and I have not purchased any of the rehashes that have come out for the wii u. If you wish to court these companies you should offer to put up some green. We all know your still flush with cash from the wii being such a huge hit due to novice gamers and the price of your system. If you want to properly apologize for not having any games for the new system i dropped 350.00 dollars for, do what you did with the 3ds launch botch. Give me something free to hold me over. Like what you ask? How about to drum up some publicity you offer the first pikmin game for download. It's already made its money on both the gamecube and again on the wii with updated controls. This will generate even more interest in the game your putting out in a month and sales go up. Luigi's mansion sequel is coming out soon for the 3ds, maybe release the first luigi mansion game for free to also drum up publicity. How about free updates on previously downloaded games from the wii virtual console when they've been moved to the wii u. To finish up this section of my letter to nintendo, I will list games I feel should be ported to or developed for the Wii U. *ahem* Bioshock Infinite, Assassin's Creed 1 and 2, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Luigi Mansion, Pikmin, Killer 7, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead, Fez, Gish, World of Goo., JET GRIND RADIO *ahem*

In respect to the 3ds I am actually kind of shocked at how well it is doing. After it's launch was also botched and the initial 3ds was trumped outright by the XL model, and the price cut, and the free games (thanks by the way) I want to ask you to improve upon it in some way but it's doing alright. Ways you could improve are "Hey, these games don't use 3d but use the motion controls" or "Hey, you can download gba games" I'll skip right to the games that should be ported and or developed for the 3ds. *ahem* GBA games, new side scrolling metroid, new side scrolling classic kirby game, MARIO & LUIGI 4 *ahem*
3 years ago#2
Wall of text alert
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3 years ago#3
I can imagine Iwata's response would be something similar to how the Japanese react to whales and dolphins
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3 years ago#4
If you are going to attempt a letter at least learn how to format .

TL:DR: Guy hiding behind computer with likely little to no education beyond high school (likely not even out of grade school though) thinks he can run billion dollar, 124 year old company better than the highly schooled, close to top in the world execs.
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3 years ago#5
BigAl519 posted...
If you are going to attempt a letter at least learn how to format .

... and send it to the right person
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3 years ago#6
wingo84 posted...
I can imagine Iwata's response would be something similar to how the Japanese react to whales and dolphins

I knew what this would be before I checked the link haha. Well played.
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3 years ago#7
did you send your christmas list to santa
3 years ago#8
I'm not finished with you Nintendo. I have a few other issues which are company wide and not system specific. Explain to me why when New Super Marios Bros. 2 came out it launched in physical form at the store and in digital form on the e-store. Instead of having a physical object, I paid for pixels. Which isn't really the problem. I didn't have to leave the house and its a good game. My problem is the price. You charged the exact same price for a physical copy that had to be physically made out of plastic, formatted, and shipped to a store where you made a percentage of profit on it. The digital copy which went on some server somewhere of undefined size went up for the same price at the same time. So instead of obeying your own profit percentage on physical games, you made more profit on the digital version. Millions bought it on the digital store, and also paid for DLC. You made more profit on the digital version and DLC than you would have made on physical copies ever would. Why not encourage this new online purchasing with price breaks on them. Let's say a new mario game cost 30 dollars in store, and you expect to sell about 3 million copies on the safe side. Without any dlc or anything that comes to 90 million dollars (lol math) Now let's say the cost to develop, publish, and maunfacture the game cost like 30 million. So after all those expenses you made 60 million in profit. Let's say instead of releasing it only in stores you release it online as well. The online protion of the sale is immune to the supposed 20% of manufacturing costs, and even the publihing costs. To maintain this profit ratio you would be able to sell at a 20% discount and still make the same profit. Seriously discount your digital games, you'll make more money that way. More people will be able to afford your games, more people will buy your games, and in the end physical stores won't need to sell your games.

Lastly Nintendo i will touch on one thing that has irked me since the dawn of time and will until it either stops or i'm dead. Development Time. If you actually came out and told me that "we have decided that we will release one zelda game during a calendar year" i would be ecstatic. Whether they were staggered Hd remake for wii u, new title for 3ds, new title for wii u, 3d remake for 3ds. I wouldn't be mad. I would be happy. It would mean that every year i'd be able to immerse myself in that world. This same respect should be taken with metroid, mario, and donkey kong. It would be wonderful to know that "hey, this year because wind waker hd is coming out, we're gonna release a brand new metroid game for the 3ds. Because we don't want to flood the market with remakes." My dream nintendo release schedule is as follows. *ahem*
Luigi Mansion 2 (february) Pikmin 3 (march) Bayonetta 2 (april) Pokemon x/y (may) Metroid Dread for the 3ds (Late spring/Early summer, e3 launch date on e-shop would be awesome) Wonderful 101 (june) Project x zone (july) Zelda Wind Waker HD ( Late October)

Feel free to post If you agree, or to post your dream release dates for games we know about.
3 years ago#9
I read the whole thing but damn, Neopiate13, you need to learn the awesome power of paragraphs. || || Xbox LIVE: Nitesoul || PSN: Gencoil || NNID: Recoil
3 years ago#10
Where are you TC? Are you just going to be another Troll who makes a stupid topic and runs?
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