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3 years ago#41
Virus66 posted...
Elem187 posted...
SorsShinjo posted...
Fr33z posted...
SorsShinjo posted...
if those clouds are animated and the lighting is dynamic in such a quality, then yes i would consider this a serious jump over anything current consoles (including Wii U) can offer.

But whose to say the WiiU cant offer this? So far no game has been able to fully utilize the WiiU's power. A majority of its games are ports of last gen games, the other half of the games use a stylized art style as opposed to photo realism which is what everyone uses as a benchmark, and the only other game that isnt a port or using a stylized style is ZombiU and even Ubisoft said it was a rush job and that they weren't focusing on the graphics of that game. So really we dont have any real benchmark in terms of what the WiiU can produce graphics wise.

If the wii u had such power, even bad coded ports would easily be far superior than their optimized counterpart on worse hardware

No, not necessarily... Ports to new hardware and quick affairs to maximize profit. the Wii U's architecture is more reliant on the GPU, so a 360 or PS3 port would have quite a few bugs, whereas if they ported a PC game to the Wii U, it would be less work and less bugs because the majority of PC games are optimized for concentrating on GPU processing, like the Wii U is mainly processed on the GPU.

The PS3, and 360 are optimized to use their extra CPU cores, and their new consoles will suffer that same fate. A developer on PC has to assume multiple configurations, and a possibility that some of their PC customers might not have 4 cores, they might ahve 2, so they have to plan to use mostly the GPU.

PC games will port over to the Wii U, better than they would to say the 360 or PS3. So just like ports from PS360 over to PC are pretty terrible, we can expect the same quality going to the Wii U because of the similar way the system assumes the games will be programmed with optimizing for mainly the GPU.

and personally I would prefer the Wii U get more ports from PC than the Sony and Microsoft boxes. PC games are far better than anything on the console twins. WoW, anyone?

To say WoW is the best that the PC has to offer is pretty pathetic, considering how it singlehandedly changed the entire MMO genre into a casual '2-day to level cap' bore-fest. Is it popular? Sure, but not the best.

I didn't say WoW was all the PC has to offer. But its a far better RPG than anything I have seen on consoles to date.... Its kinda hard to blow of 8 spells in concession with a gamepad. There is a reason why not many RPG's on consoles blow the up charts outside a few.
3 years ago#42
game freakozoid posted...
Nintendo will always be king of the local multiplayer, and that's why their systems are an instant buy for me on day one.

Actually due to the popularity of FPS, I'd be willing to bet Nintendo lost that title a long time ago. Sure they still have a good market on the party games you play a couple times then get bored of quickly but that's it.

Plus, even Nintendo doesn't really have that many exclusive nowadays. Sure they have the Mario party/sports games but after that they usually limit themselves to one or two of each kind of 'main' game (Zelda, Mario, SSB) a generation. Like the Gamecube and Wii it leaves gamers with a long time between good games. Sony and Microsoft don't really have these problems.

Thats pretty sad that the only thing PS3 and 360 is famous for is FPS.

I personally like a huge variety of genres, and you look at the top 100 charts of games on the PS360 its 90% FPS. Its actually quite sad.
3 years ago#43
DTY3 posted...
No I mean rarely does anybody play FPS local. What with the prevalence of online.
Why do you think Goldeneye Wii was making such a big deal about it?

When I said Nintendo systems are king of local multiplayer I wasn't talking about only FPS, in fact FPS is a genre that needs to crash, its just over saturation at this point.

Party games, platformers, RTS, RPG, there is alot more out there for local multiplayer than just shooters.
3 years ago#44
Oh I get why console kids still think FPS are cool is because you only been at it for a handful of years on consoles... while mysefl have been playing FPS since the very first one was released on PC in 1993 (Wolfenstein 3D from Apogee/ID)

After 20+ years of FPS shooters its time to give the genre a rest, but I guess if you only have 7 years or so of playing nothing but shooters, its probably still fresh.
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