Miis suck omega ass! There are like no options to make UNIQUE Miis! >:(

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TC you only sound foolish when dropping the sexism card. That would only be a valid point if either gender had the option to select clothing to begin with. Bathroom signs are sexist as well to huh? I just hope you were joking

However from my experience the Mii's have a much broader range of creativity then home characters and avatars (aside from clothing)
It all comes down to your lack of creativity with the resources that are given. you can easily go to the link the previous poster has sent you and click the stars section and be amazed.
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Kitt Thrust posted...

there ya go, enjoy.

You win this topic. :P

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Lack of clothing options really sucks the most. No accomplishments to unlock game related items for our Miis. I dont know why this idea wasnt implemented when 3ds has such rewards.
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