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Do you think there will be another big holiday title for the Wii U this year ...Chenmaster253/30 9:22PM
Should I get a wii u now or wait another year for the new console.
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skermac213/30 9:04PM
90s Nintendo Marketingnestank43/30 8:57PM
Nintendo, you and your godforsaken repair policies...
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LordJackal133/30 8:49PM
I hate when some game journalists act like Nintendo isn't a factor.
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xXDa-KidXx1283/30 8:31PM
NX and backwards comparability.gamefreakz9233/30 8:25PM
Should I buy the official ethernet adapter or is there a better third party one?KlRBEH23/30 8:05PM
Wii U? More like the Smash Kart U!petpanic33/30 7:37PM
have any n64 games been ported or remastered to the wii u?skermac63/30 7:27PM
Should Zelda have more spinoffs?Lemon_Master63/30 7:24PM
BBC video games expert speculates Nintendo will abandon Wii U fairly soon
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BaronVladz113/30 7:21PM
Reminder: tomorrow is the final day to register Club Nintendo codesToozin83/30 7:20PM
club nintendo family account mewtwo offertwhodes23/30 7:12PM
Which game are you most excited about? (Poll)
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brutalhits203/30 6:42PM
How would you feel if the Nintendo NX cost?
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Zellio2014143/30 6:39PM
splatoon is looking to be so amazing
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AceMos2773/30 6:35PM
What ever happened to the leaker?WonkyKong2103/30 6:21PM
Anyone here interested in Legend of Kay?
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Lemon_Master283/30 6:21PM
It's official: Xenoblade X is the most anticipated Wii U game of 2015.Jaewong23/30 6:16PM
What ever happened to the leaker??yuoke23/30 6:08PM