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My friends hate me now I switched sides:( (Closed)
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Watch Dogs is Ubisoft's last mature game for Wii UDeathSoul200078/19 3:23AM
when do you predict smash Wii U will release?
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CoolioKDude268/19 2:11AM
I was digging and found this article mentioning the Wii's income profileiKhanic58/19 2:05AM
Estimate how much a GamePad-less Wii U would cost
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powerclaw1208/19 12:56AM
Let's say that N64 and GCN Virtual Console games are getting enhancements
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Wii U update available
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1080p and 60fps!
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Summing up the 60mins of Hyrule Warriors gameplay video.MyCheeseIsSoFat98/18 11:05PM
blcklist is pretty good.winston28single18/18 11:00PM
Why do people ask about NNID accounts when they already know?dorkyspawn18/18 10:31PM
Need game suggestions!!skip_dog38/18 10:26PM
Question got those who bought Double Dragon II on VCStanger515088/18 10:02PM
Need help finding Wii U soundclip!Charity_Diary18/18 10:02PM
Anyone else hoping for Metroid Zero Mission for the e-shop?
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Miken Ayers198/18 9:52PM
Thinking about bringing my wii u to university...bopshdaz38/18 9:31PM
So apparently Retro Studios is looking for some new employees.
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SegavsCapcom388/18 8:51PM
How do we feel about Zelda spin-offs?ponyseizures68/18 8:34PM
The Wii U's first party games R amazing but that's why companies don't want ...
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Chenmaster2168/18 7:41PM
Interesting New Kickstarter Game "Nefarious" Casts You As a Princess SnatcherTheZuperHero68/18 7:38PM