Graphically inferior or no, Nintendo is the last TRUE game console company.

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Doggy is just hurt that Sony seems to be dying.
Dog posted: I know I have bias...
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Godstriker8 posted...
I thought you have to be 13 or older to create an account.

Because he's only 12 and was surprised he managed to make an account! Ohhhhhhhh Snaps! lol
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It's hilarious how obvious it is the most hardcore and fanatic Ninendo fans never touched anything related to Sony or Microsoft.

Do you know how diverse the PS3 library is?
Between all JRPGs,adventure games and PSN gems?

Xbox might be the desinated "shooter-wrpg-box" but that is the point of Xbox, it doesn't pretend to be anything else plus it gets multiplats that Platstation gets and they tend to run better.

Not everyone who "dislikes" or does not prefer Nintendo is automatically a CoD lover who doesn't play anything else.

Grow up.
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nintendo should had stuck with the direction they were goin in the gamecube. the Wii sucked and now the Wii U isnt lookin too hot
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DemonDog666 posted...
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DemonDog666 posted...
Baha05 posted...
Except we aren't seeing the full potential of the system. Also people generally buy consoles for games.

Even if you believe that bull, again why would anyone buy the system until we do see something worthwhile, why buy it on faith when they lied their asses off for their last 2 consoles (3DS and wii), and what games on wiiU is worth buying it for, it's got like 2 half decently exclusives.

ITT: Opinion = Fact

ITT questions = opinions = facts.

DemonDog666, after this:

You have lost all credibility. Get out of this topic.

After reading through that, I just had to take him off my ignore list. I don't want to miss one of his posts XD
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_Elite_Bushido_ posted...
nintendo should had stuck with the direction they were goin in the gamecube. the Wii sucked and now the Wii U isnt lookin too hot

They lost a lot of fans/support on the GC. The people that claim that Nintendo abandoned them are usually the same ones that abandoned Nintendo and bought Playstation 2s.
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Well last gaming console company is true when Nintendo makes a console or handheld what do they focus on games not movies and music but games.
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Oh fun, a Japan fanboy who hates anything American.

That makes you cool, you know.
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All game consoles are essentially just computers you cannot upgrade