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2 years ago#11
From: melbye80 | Posted: 2/2/2013 7:18:14 AM | #010
Trine 2 haven't tried it yet

Try it at least just to be blown away by the visuals.
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2 years ago#12
sonic racing transformed - yay

little inferno - yay

mighty switch force hd - yay

nano assault neo - yay

trine 2 - yay

runner 2 (hopefully next week)
rayman legends (this month)
toki tori 2 (hopefully this month)
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2 years ago#14
New Super Mario Bros. U 9.5/10
NintendoLand 8/10
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2 years ago#15
mario - 8
zombiu - 8

thats all folks....
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2 years ago#16
NSMBU- 8.5
Assassin's Creed III- 9
Call of Duty Black Ops 2- 8
Nano Assault- 7.5
NBA 2K13- 8.5
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2 years ago#17
KAMMY KOOPA and baby kammy koopa for Super Smash Bros
2 years ago#18
NintendoLand 6
ZombiU 5. Sold

Really liked "The Cave" demo....gotta pick that up
2 years ago#19
007 Legends: 7/10
Assassin's Creed III: 8.5/10
Batman Arkham City: 8.5/10
Call of Duty Black Ops II: 8/10
The Cave: 8/10
Chasing Aurora: 6/10
Darksiders II: 8.5/10
Epic Mickey 2: 6.5/10
Just Dance 4: 7/10
Little Inferno: 7/10
Madden NFL 13: 6/10
Mass Effect 3: 9/10
Mighty Switch Force: 8/10
Nano Assault Neo: 9/10
NBA 2K13: 8/10
New Super Mario Bros. U: 9/10
Ninja Gaiden 3: 8.5/10
Nintendo Land: 9/10
Scribblenauts Unlimited: 8/10
Sonic & All-Stars Racing: 9/10
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 8.5/10
Trine 2: 9/10
ZombiU: 8/10
2 years ago#20
Nintendo Land - 8/10

I honestly don't understand why anyone would waste their money on any other game right now. Only one that's out that seems interesting is Sanic Kart but racing games lose my interest fast and I don't like Sega characters or games anyway.

Not much of a fighting game player, but if I were to get a fighting game, it would be one worth practicing and going to tournaments for. Also, pretty sure this came out on the other consoles a while ago. Most of the Wii U library are games that are already out on other consoles and cheaper on them, so I don't see why people would get it for the Wii U.

I may get Blops 2 simply because I hear there's like 500 people online and I'm probably better than all of them. However, I want to stop playing cod games and blops 1 sucked anyway.

Personally, I just don't like 2D Mario games, 3D Mario games are some of the best though.

The next game I am for sure getting if Rayman Legends though.
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