You Nintendo fans may hate Pachter, but you guys sure have a lot in common....

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Buretsu posted...
HungoverHero777 posted...
*Looks at post*
*Looks at sig*

Well, I know whose d*** you're attached to.

Something he has in common with Pachter.

Nah, Pachter seems to be one of those guys that goes to too many late-night parties.
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Slob on my knob..
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Shovel_Break posted...
So why is KH 1.5 HD reMIX a PS3 exclusive?

Is it? No 360 version?

Now with the justified Sony hatred

"Sony is too poor to afford making a PS4, it'll never happen ever"

Get a chair on February 20th, you may pass out or get chest pains

A PS4 will finish Sony off. I'm hyped!

PS4 is hitting holiday 2013, the Wall Street Journal confirmed it

I could go on and on.....

The WSJ posted a rumor as fact.
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I'm still waiting for an answer to the Kingdom Hearts question, Shovel_break.

Answer or do the usual.