Reason why EA doesnt want to support Wii U

#31sdsturgillPosted 2/2/2013 6:22:40 PM
PhoenixHunter89 posted...
EA when did you become so greedy? You ruined the last gen online passes, day one dlc, etc.

You can disagree with the business practices, but to say they ruined something is a bit extreme. There's a simple reason EA releases day one DLC....someone buys it. If no one bought it, they wouldn't take the time to develop it. So the free market is working. You are choosing not to participate in this market, but that doesn't mean someone else is choosing the same.
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I'm not a fan of EA at all, but if it's all stuff you unlock anyway by playing the game, there's really nothing to be upset about.
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hydra_dragon posted...
Didn't EA want to handle Nintendo's online with something like Origin and they said no, and then EA got all butt hurt and cancelled some games?

This is a rumor that has no source.
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