How long would it take EA to die if people boycotted their sports games?

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Crysis, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Sims, Sim City, Command and Conquer, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Dead Space and Battlefield have massive fanbase.
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Paulf001 posted...
I don't even own any games made by EA, well except for Cre Ball on the Sega Genesis. I just don't understand buying the same foot ball or other sports game year after year and paying $60 for it. You pretty much played the exact same game before.

If you played the games, you'd notice the differences between iterations. Not justification for the price, but still, you would.
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I stopped getting their sports games as soon as NFL Street 3 came out. Just got NFL Street 2 again and playing the crap out of it.I'll probably stop getting their racing games too. MW2012 was fun for a while, but the luster loses itself when you've done the same race with a different car over and over. Multiplayer wasn't enough to keep me going.
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They wouldn't. They still publish other crap.
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EA owns many of the studios that you love. Like Bioware, in fact a great deal of game studios were bought out and established as their subsidiaries.
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i never bought a ea game and i never will
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Zetamancer posted...
EA owns many of the studios that you love. Like Bioware, in fact a great deal of game studios were bought out and established as their subsidiaries.

Yeah and it sucks that they do. They've ruined many of the games those studios produce to milk more money from the uninformed masses. They screw over all the fans that were loyal before EA bought the studios.
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I love how people umbrella all the hate on to what ever EA is involved with when in actual fact they published a lot of the best games this gen.

EA is a soul less company driven by money.
The products EA produces are not soul less at all.

The fact that a portion of people on this board actively boycott EA is quite frankly sad and they have missed out on some incredible experiences this gen.

DR- there is a reason they are a huge market force, they produce a lot of good games.
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SuperNESGamer posted...
We all know the sports game zombies will never allow this to happen, but it would be one of the best things that could happen to the video game industry. I'm guessing it's the money from those damn Madden and other sports games that enables them to buy out and ruin so many other smaller video game companies.

Way to be ignorant.

FIFA is easily the best football (yes, football) game out there since pro evo began slacking in -09. NHL is also a great game, just too bad that they lack competition since 2K dropped out.