When was the last time a Nintendo gamer actually played a sports game?

#1Sharky8Posted 2/2/2013 10:25:00 AM
Yes, I grew up with Blades of Steel and Bases Loaded on my NES, Ken Griffey Jr Baseball on my SNES and EA Sports hockey and Madden on my N64 and Gamecube, but from the Wii on I haven't cared about sports games, besides the "fun" Mario versions of sports games.

I highly doubt any major Wii U gamer is going to care about the lack of EA support for sports games on the unit. We just don't play those games anymore.
#2FuNsH1nEPosted 2/2/2013 10:28:14 AM
Well I played NHL 13 just the other day. That being said, I don't buy sports games on my nintendo systems (post N64) anyways.