Nintendo FPS?

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People are still listing Metroid Prime in the same genre as Myst and Hotel Dusk?

Yeah, whenever this topic comes up, Myst is the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing "First Person Adventure"... such a classic game.

I seriously don't get it. Metroid Prime isn't in the Adventure game genre at all. I don't think people here have played actual Adventure games. It's a First Person Shooter, and that's not a bad thing or anything like that, so... what's the problem with these people?

Have you played Prime? It is very much an adventure, just like the 2D ones.

It isn't, wasn't, and never will be.
Have you ever played a real First Person Adventure?

Wait back up.

How are Metroid games not adventures? Or is this some other definition of the term?

Maybe you should play some real Adventure games instead of calling Action Adventure Hybrid Shooter Jump'n'Run* games(generally shortened to action adventure or just action, sometimes action jump'n'run*) Adventure games.

*interchangeable with "platformer".
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^ITP: "An action adventure isn't an adventure because it has action!"
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Action Adventure isn't pure Adventure because it is Action.
It's not even Adventure Action. It's Action Adventure.
a high end card gets bg3 1080p maxed around 200fps ~The Q on BF3.
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Nintendo needs to snatch up the 007 license again and create a SKYFALL game internally for Wii U.
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