I can't take it anymore!

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deadANDrotted posted...
The Gamepad is an answer to the iPad/tablets

While this could be an answer to DS, this statement can't be true anyway.

Nintendo started work on the Gamepad shortly after the release of Wii before the Ipad/Tablet boom.
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DTY3 posted...
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I admitted short comings and possible explinations. How is that praising anything? I simply addressed topics brought up on this board that havn't been properly answered.

Dont bother, he didnt actually read it.

aww wii u fanboy is mad wii u ain't getting dmc

called out boi

Wii U fanboy? lmao I dont even have one. I have a PS3.
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Ummm WiiPlayer111... Keep reading i completely agree with you. That topic was based on what i ahve heard others say on this board.
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I'm sorry TC, but any positive Nintendo topics such as this is a clear violation of the rules of these boards. Be prepared to be invaded by ignorant troll masses and if you dare try to retaliate, you will be modded.
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I welcomed the trolls in my OP. The only thing bad is they never have anything good to say worth debating. I put my cards on the table and could even be wrong. But the clostest thing to a debate so far was "FANBOY" and i don't really count that.
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Bump for more people to see and or disagree.