I wonder when people will stop flip flopping. It's laughable,

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My favorite is;

It will get X :P
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*IGN hates on something*

LOL can't spell IGNorant without IGN

*IGN says something positive*

"You know IGN is actually a pretty good news site

No when IGN says something positive, they were paid. I was on the NSMBU board when it first came out, and believe it or not there were fans that were upset that IGN gave it a good score, claiming that they must've been paid. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. Actually with this fan base, yes I would've.
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are you new to game forums? it's always been like this.
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Ign is pretty lousy regardless of what side they're on. I get kind of annoyed whenever I see anyone using them as a reliable source or praising them for saying nice things about their favorite game.
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*Sony says they will let Microsoft go first*

*Sony plans to make an announcement on Feb 20, before Microsoft does*

But what if it's just a Vita redesign? Hurf durf!

That really doesn't amount to "The Future of Playstation"
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The biggest flip flops that have been actually palpable on this board were when the Wii-U was thought to be a powerhouse. Back then graphics mattered and Wii-U was a 3rd Party developers wet dream.

Now, gameplay is more important with all the teased specs of the next gen consoles. Most people seem to ignore that specifications actually have a huge effect on gameplay.
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TheBonfini posted...
Now, gameplay is more important with all the teased specs of the next gen consoles.

Wouldn't surprise me to have Sony fanboys follow suit, especially after Sony mentioned they weren't relying on specs this go-around over social interaction.
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The ultimate Sony flip flop.

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MD1500 posted...
The ultimate Sony flip flop.


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maybe 2-20-2013 is just an announcement that vita will finally be getting some games.
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