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Are you going to be upset if Nintendo releases their new console by end of 2016?
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Virtual_Console4112/24 8:00PM
Do you think Lucas was cut from SSB4 because they are probably...
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Traumatizing 3D World experience made me realise how bad Smartphone gaming is
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Nintendo Wins Wii Patent Disputes
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games under 25$kubricklynch112/24 6:53PM
Nintendo wants donut shaped screen, hole in the middle.
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Lefty128k17512/24 6:41PM
do the rare amiibo work like there shown or is it just a mistake?greekgamer912/24 6:40PM
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Thoughts on updating consoles before giving them as gifts?
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locky7231112/24 6:35PM
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Calling it now, the Bayonetta Christmas surprise is a downloadable Santa costumeCutthemacX912/24 6:30PM
Thank You Nintendovelvet_hammer112/24 6:22PM
Meme Run is one of the most popular wii u games...Murderstorm117512/24 5:54PM
I own 14 consoles and the Wii U may end up being my favorite at this rate
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shooterfan221812/24 5:54PM
Puzzle-wise what's the hardest Zelda dungeon? (Closed)
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Upendi10002812/24 5:42PM