I think my topic about fanatics was misunderstood.

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Support the Wii for ten more years? What the hell? They didn't even support it when sales slacked off.
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In other words, you don't like fanboys.
Nobody does. But there's no reason to think that they're the sole reason Nintendo does what they do.
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cave story is a nes or snes port-DemonDog666
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While im here, im gunna reply to your other topic:

Last gen graphics again
Loyalist defense: "Who care about graphics? It's all about the gameplay."

Loyalist speaks the truth. Wii U could have been a little more powerful, and that would have been great. In the end, they all pale in comparison to PCs anyway. Also, i prefer the tablet controller and cheap price to power in a console. Its supposed to offer something different from my PC, not just be a crappier version.

Digital content is tied to the console, not the account, therefor if you want to replace your Wii U instead of getting it repaired for whatever Nintendo's asking price is, you're SOOL.
Loyalist: "Just take good care of your system. Besides, why would you choose to replace it?"

Oh, I don't know. Maybe I want to sell it because I'm sick of it? Then a few years later, I want it again and I don't want to re-buy all the non-salable digital content I bought for it?!
The only close-to-full-proof way to not have your console break down is to never use it.

Only thing in your list that is completely true tbh. This is stupid, and nintendo are idiots for continuing to use this system. And it really is undefendable.

You have to pay to download Virtual Console games to your Wii U that you already bought for your Wii.*
Loyalist: "It's not that expensive. You have an entitlement complex or something?"

Not true. You dont have to pay to transfer, you have to pay if you want the extra things (gamepad support, save states ect.)

Battery life on the tablet controller is laughably short.
Loyalist: "You shouldn't be playing games for more than three consecutive hours anyway."
Its a controller. Who gives a crap about battery life. Plug it in, or take a break every few hours as the "Loyalist" says.

An update that takes up 5GB of memory is is required to go online, maybe even just to play games. (I may have been misinformed about the actual space usage.)
Loyalist: "Buy an external hard drive, you cheapskate!"
1GB apparently. Annoying, but its needed. Not really something you should be pissed at nintendo about >.>

No DVD/Blu-Ray/Playback ... at least not without some unauthorized modifications.
Loyalist: "Don't you have other stuff to do that with?"
Loyalist is correct. Play DVDS on your DVD Player/PC/PS3/Toaster

It's region-locked
Loyalist: "Japanese gamers would just import less expensive American copies."
And what? The Japanese economy would collapse because people don't want to spend about $20 extra to play their local (and sometimes censored) games?!
Region locking is annoying and stupid, but i understand why its done.

cave story is a nes or snes port-DemonDog666
i5-2500-GTX550TI-8GB; DSi; 3DS; GBASP; Wii;Galaxy SIII; iPod Touch 4th Gen;